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Aesthetics Meets Taste: Japanese Bermutto

By Adam Timur Aslan

Image by Adam Timur Aslan

A baby angel carrying a Japanese flag and riding a giant toad proudly proclaims Japan's first vermouth.

Oka Kura Japanese Bermutto is based with four botanicals: Yuzu – has an aromatic citrus flavor with strong lemon notes, Kabosu - characterized by its fuity acidity, Sansho peppercorn - a Japanese peppercorn, and Yomogi – a Japanese mugwort - that gives tart hints of mint. The result is a unique take on vermouth from Tsutsumi Distillery, which has been producing shochu for over a 140 years.

Image by Adam Timur Aslan

Dry vermouth often contains botanicals like wormwood, juniper, and citrus peel giving it a more savory taste with a herbaceous and slightly bitter profile. Sweet vermouth can include vanilla, cinnamon, and caramelized sugar to create sweetness.

Japenese Bermutto can be purchased at Irving Bottle in Bushwick Brooklyn. Irving Bottle hosted a tasting recently that featured a Yuzu Tini and Old Pal that featured Japanese Bermutto.

For more information on the Oka Kura Japanese Bermutto visit High Road Spirits They have feature brands from Japan, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Haiti, Ireland, India, France, and Korea.

Visit Irving Bottle's website here