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Oscillator: Pentti Monkkonen Incorporates Sound in Art at Jenny's

By Adam Timur Aslan

Video by @intartmag

The latest work at Jenny's is an exhibition of Pentti Monkkonen, a contemporary artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition, titled Oscillator, is his first solo show in New York City

The current exhibition features Monkkonen’s work "Computer" (2023), a sculptural piece that combines technology and art. The work consists of a white cube made of styrene, epoxy, and enamel, with a synthesizer and an amplifier embedded inside. The cube emits electronic sounds that create an immersive sonic environment.

Video by @intartmag

The Ossiclator exhibition was recently featured as one of the Artforum Must-See exhibits.

Jenny’s is a contemporary art gallery that is currently located Chinatown at 9 Pell St. The gallery was started in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, that showcases emerging and established artists from around the world. The gallery was founded in 2013 by Jenny Borland and has since hosted solo and group exhibitions of various media and genres.

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