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Thoughts on the Sarah Sze and the New MOMA

By Adam Aslan

Sarah Sze has made a very strong impression on me.

Her art is both technical and wild. One thing that impresses me about art and artists these days, is there ability to create art from something that was never thought of as art before.

So anyways people love lists so here is one:

10 things related to Sarah Sze and her installation at the MOMA

1. Isnt it great when artists can bring together so many different things that make art beautiful in their own art?

2. I still can't get over her using the granola bar wrapper in the installation.

3. I never realized the threat of destruction of the piece from the swinging pendulum in the installation but thanks to MOMA pointing it out, I am even more excited about her piece.

4. This relates to Sarah Sze's art that was shown at Tanya Bondakar Gallery recently.

5. One of the installations she showed their was fragiley attached with thin sticks leaving the viewer wondering if it could all come crashing down.

6. I wonder if the curator, gallerist, and artist herself wondered if such issues would occur on the packed opening night, September 5th.

7. I wonder if the MOMA is a bit worried about showing Triple Point (Pendulum) which was first exhibited at the 55th Venice Biennale.

8. While were on the subject of the MOMA, guess who's art is first one shown when you go to their new MOMA page? Sarah Sze.

9. What did I think of the new MOMA? It seemed a lot bigger than before. I really like the top floor, which is where Triple Point (Pendulum) is installed.

10. Would I recommend visiting the new MOMA?!? Ummm...duh. If anyone will get the masses to take serious interest in Contemporary Art, it is the MOMA.

Sarah Sze at the MOMA. Photo by Adam Aslan.