Tips for Tequila Drinking at Bossa Nova Civic Club

By Adam Aslan

If you are one of those people that finds themselves in Brookyln and wanting to dance or chill in an authentic sort of gothy way, there are few options. A solid choice for tasty tequila and techno is Bossa Nova Civic Club. There are certain ways to go out to Bossa Nova Civic Club or as the Bushwick locals call it, “Bossa.” You can really go for it, kind of go for it, or even just not go for it at all. What is that you say? Why even talk about not going for it all? Where’s the fun in that? Well, because I just wanted to give an accurate range of options available in terms of “going in” at Bossa. Maybe I am going in too much on the mean, median, mode, range tip.

Maybe I am overall too much of a math and computer nerd, but I think its important to note that Bossa offers delicious free ice water mixed with your choice of cucumber or lemon. Few venues offer such quality no cost options to hydrate. Also important to note, is that they have comfy circular booths to just kick back with some friends to some pretty loud but not ear piercing music.

Now comes the more fun part. Going in a bit more as they say. If you are trying to go in, then a best value way to start the evening would be with the bartender’s tequila of choice, Espolon Blanco. At 7 dollars a shot you get the 2012 silver place winner of the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Espolon is made of 100% blue agave or as they call it in its homeland in the highlands of Jalisco, “agave azul” or “agave tequilana”. What emerges from this agave is a nose with a hint of sweetness reminiscent of Mexico’s many fruit trees mixed with a piney agave profile. It does have a bit of spicy finish to it, but it definitely doesn’t have the death bite or nauseating after taste of a cheap well “tequila”.

While Bossa does have many different levels of going in, a sure fire way to get you up a level is with solid tequila like Espolon. If you’re feeling generous, you could even buy the bartender a shot. I’m pretty sure their boss-a won’t mind!




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