For Those Hyperallegic to Art News, Give Them a Chance, They Are Publishing Articles that Challenge Colonialism, White Supremacy, and Patriarchy
By Adam Aslan

Who sponsors art press? Galleries and museums.

So why would you ever write anything bad about a gallery or museum if you are art press?

Image by Adam Aslan

Considering that many galleries and museums do give money to art publications, it would be natural to think that these publications are writing nice things about these museums and galleries sponsoring them.

If A, then B, right?

Well at least Art News and Hyperallergic are going against that logic by choosing to publish stories about recent protests at the Whitney and Brooklyn Museum

These protests seem like the biggest controversy in art since the heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Art News covered the latest development of the protests, which was a town hall held on Saturday, January 26th, at Cooper Union in the Rose Auditorium by Decolonize This Place in collaboration with Chinatown Art Brigade and W.A.G.E., amongst many activists, artists, curators, and art workers. The main point of this was to address the fact that tear gas manufacturer Warren B. Kanders is still on the board of trustees at the Whitney.

Hyperallergic recently reported that W.A.G.E asked artists chosen to be in the Whitney Biennial to withhold their art in solidarity with Whitney staff who wrote a letter demanding Kander's resignation.

The letter came after Hyperallergic first broke news that Kanders is the owner of tear gas manufactuer Safariland in November.

Art News has been following the protests of the group Decolonize This Place, which included a protest of the Brooklyn Museum's decision to hire white women, Kristen Windmuller-Luna, as its consulting curator for African art.