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The Bite at Honey Ramka: A Collection of Works by Ben Finer

Written by Mame Bonsu 2-26-2017

The latest exhibition "The Bight" by Ben Finer offers a narrative world around the masks seen throughout the gallery. His short film "In the Bight" (2016) can be viewed in a room constructed specifically for the exhibition in the center of the gallery. The transition from viewing the multicolored, blatantly expressive paper machete busts to the more opaque ambiance of the Vermont woods where the film is set, considers the layered nature of facades and disguises. The film follows twins Aada and Jakob through a phantasmagorical world in the woods surrounding their home, where they uncover faces and encounter masked figures.

Finer has a varied practice that spans drawing, sculpture, puppetry, set design, and in recent years has expanded into writing, producing, and directing his own films. Also on view is Night and a Switchblade (2013), a "bizzaro-noir, teen-rebel" movie about deviant youth and the lurid mysteries haunting a nocturnal American landscape."

Photos by Adam Aslan